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How do I: Set up my pay TV in another room?

With most homes in the UK already set up with digital television, it's unlikely that the end of analogue has affected your main telly in the front room. But, for many, it's the old set in the bedroom or the den that's been rendered useless. Especially if it's one not connected to the house's main aerial and has been relying on a plug-in analogue aerial booster.

Charlie Chaplins hit London en masse

A troupe of Charlie Chaplins took to London streets to shoot a short film to launch Virgin Media Shorts 2011, the UK’s biggest short film competition and the only one which champions undiscovered UK film talent across four screens - at cinemas, on TV, on mobile and online.

Cultural Life: Tricky, musician

Books: I've just started reading 'The Black Hand' by Chris Blatchford. It's a biography of a guy who dissented from the Mexican Mafia. Reading it you can tell he was super-intelligent and could have had a very different life. I've also been reading Freddie Foreman's autobiography. He was one of England's biggest criminals, bigger than the Kray twins, but he didn't do the press. I've known him for 15 years – he's a good friend of mine, and it's always interesting reading about someone you know.

Broadband: The first decade

The internet went high-speed 10 years ago, changing the way we live, work, shop and play – for both better and worse

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