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The Top Ten: Anachronistic skeuomorphs

This one was Andrew Denny's idea. A skeuomorph is an artefact that imitates the design of a similar thing made from another material, such as a pottery box made to look like a wicker basket. In computing, it means a symbol that mimics a physical object, often an old-fashioned one

Virgin launches 'Ferrari of broadband services'

Virgin Media upped the ante in the battle for broadband market share as it unveiled what it is calling the "Ferrari" of internet connections. The cable giant said it would start offering its superfast 100Mb broadband service in December.

Broadband: The first decade

The internet went high-speed 10 years ago, changing the way we live, work, shop and play – for both better and worse

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Last rites for Christmas TV?

As broadcasters bet big on television-on-demand, time is running out for Britain's biggest day of shared viewing. Nick Clark reports