Yahoo, the internet dinosaur, is running out of borrowed time

Yahoo is still one of the great survivors of the internet age. But for how much longer? What began life in a Stanford University dorm as “Jerry and David’s Guide to the World Wide Web” has been around for 22 years – in internet terms roughly the geological equivalent of the early Jurassic – and is now living on borrowed time. For it to have any chance of survival, shareholders should bite the bullet and give in to demands from the activist investor Starboard Value.

Could Brendan Eich's Brave browser save the internet?

Ad-blockers are increasingly sophisticated – which may be great for the consumer but what does it spell for the future of a medium utterly reliant on income from advertising? Brendan Eich is looking to clean up, says Kevin Maney

US makes deal with tech giants over disclosing details of data

The Obama administration and some of America’s biggest technology companies have agreed a tentative deal that would allow the firms – including Facebook, Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn and Microsoft – to tell the public more about how the US Government collects information on their customers.

Open letters: To whom it may concern

It used to be just angry celebrities (and Moses) who wrote open letters. Now, even America's top businesses are taking the president to task, says Clare Dwyer Hogg

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