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Defence Policy

Shotgun Paddy shows impressive firepower

Though youth had its afternoon at Warwick yesterday as the novice chaser Shotgun Paddy belied his rookie status to see off a collection of hoary old handicapping hands in the Betfred Classic Chase, he rather took on the role of the man who shot Bambi's mother.

MoD 'wastes cash training under-18s'

The Ministry of Defence wastes up to £94m a year training 16 and 17-year-old army recruits for roles which could be filled more cost-effectively by adults, according to analysis by campaign groups.

Nato alarm over Afghan army crisis: loss of recruits threatens

Thousands of recruits are quitting the newly formed Afghan police and armed forces every month, raising fears over their ability to protect the emerging democracy when coalition troops leave the country in less than two years' time. For every 10 new soldiers recruited to the Afghan National Army (ANA), at least three are lost because they have been sacked, captured or killed in action, new figures have revealed. British officials admit that current "attrition rates", with more than 5,000 soldiers quitting every month, threaten the force's long-term effectiveness.

Obama faces 'hard choices' on veterans

A new report by the Center for a New American Security warns that the Obama administration will "face an array of hard choices" involving veterans and the military community as it tries to tackle issues ranging from military suicide to veterans disability claims during the president's second term.

Empowered Morsi praised for army shake-up

Mohamed Morsi was revelling in his surprise new role as presidential strongman and revolutionary flag-bearer last night, as speculation grew that his shock dismissal of Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi was a "soft coup" triggered by disaffected army officers.

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