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Citizens of the UK no longer need visas to visit the US - US Embassy, June 1995

Most British travellers to the US do not need a visa - you just fill out a Visa Waiver form on the flight over. But if you are flying in from Cuba or arriving overland from Mexico you are ineligible. And even if you travel direct from Britain, there are several good reasons for having a visa. Every time you fill in the Visa Waiver form, you have to deny you are a drug addict, prostitute or perpetrator of genocide; apply for a visa, and you need testify only once. Visa holders are routinely granted a stay of up to six months, while Visa Waiver travellers get a maximum of three. And when the US waives its requirement for a visa, you waive all rights to an appeal against deportation. More details from the US Visa Branch on 0891 200290 (a premium-rate number).