"If any car rental company offers you a lower price, pre-payable in the UK, for a seven-day car rental ... just tell us and we won't just match it, we'll beat it by pounds 1." (the Hertz Price Promise in the leaflet Hertz Leisure Rates).

Co-op Travelcare of Manchester offered me a Group A car from Alicante for pounds 103.50 a week in August. I trotted along to my local travel agent, with my Price Promise leaflet showing a Hertz rate of pounds 135 a week for the same group.. But Hertz said they would not match the price because it was not direct from a car rental company but through an agent.

I had one more trick in my pocket: a Hertz upgrade voucher. This time the small print wouldn't let them out; "This voucher entitles the bearer to a free one-car group upgrade in conjunction with any one of the European destinations included in the Hertz Leisure Rates programme... upgrade code PC 70792."

Hertz's reply: that upgrade code does not apply to the Hertz Leisure Rates programme. I gave up.

Mike Stace


In Dr Steve Ray's story last week on beach safety, an error meant that the figure for human body temperature was misquoted. It is, of course, 37 Celsius.