How to find a good value hotel in Sharm el Sheikh

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Egypt’s playground, Sharm el Sheikh, is now emerging from the fierce heat of its summer months and getting ready for peak season.

Between June and September temperatures soar to 30°C and above, testing even the most resilient sun lovers. Sightseeing can become a tricky task – the nearby Mount Sinai’s 3,750 ‘Steps of Penitence’ are laden with meaning in these temperatures. But as Sharm el Sheikh gets into winter mode, holiday-makers can look forward to a cooler desert experience.

Today, Sharm el Sheikh is a far cry from the sleepy backpacker village of 20 years ago. Those hoping to find evidence of Sharm’s Bedouin roots will have a hunt on their hands. Something more slick has emerged. But it has its place. Sharm now caters for a far wider audience than just backpackers and ardent scuba divers (it was the divers who spotted the destination’s potential long before the rest of us). Part of Sharm’s new personality is its ‘something for everyone’ appeal. If you want action and Las Vegas style adventures then you’ve come to the right place. If you want family resorts with a desert-versus-ocean twist, then you’ll find them here. If you want a daunting choice of accommodation that will leave you not knowing where to start, you’ll find that too. Below we offer some good hotel recommendations.


Sharm may not have been synonymous with cheap hotels in recent years, but difficult times have forced changes in pricing. The Amar Sina Hotel in the northern Habada area of Sharm el Sheikh is a good budget example, where bed and breakfast accommodation for two people can be booked for just over £7 per person per night this November.


The concept of mid-range has been slightly distorted here. Hotels in all categories have been competing for reduced business and blurring the lines between ‘cheap’ and ‘cheap deal’. Four star hotels, such as the Gardenia Plaza located near Sharm el Sheikh’s Shark Bay, are becoming more affordable. An all inclusive room for two people at Gardenia Plaza in November is around £21 per person per night over a seven night stay.


For affordable luxury, the Shores Amphoras resort is a popular choice at the moment. Follow the crowds here and you can’t go too wrong. Located along the coastline from Naama Bay it is close – but not too close – to all the action. Seven nights for two people with all inclusive board comes in at just over £25 this November.