If you want to head somewhere environmentally friendly in Europe, Copenhagen is the place for you

Bristol has been named Europe’s sixth greenest city, based on analyses of European cities’ green initiatives, cleanliness and emissions.

The city is the only in the UK to make the top ten, in a study by green waste specialist www.recyclingbins.co.uk, which aims to highlight the best places for undertaking green initiatives and tackling carbon dioxide. The website also praised cities with good air cleanliness, ecologically-friendly transport and targets to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

The south-western city, which has also been named 2015’s European Green Capital, joined Copenhagen, Stockholm and Brussels on the list. The study referenced the city’s efforts to reduce unsustainable methods of travel, and claims that almost a fifth of residents walk to work. Additionally, the city has committed 500 million Euros for transport improvements by this year and a further 300 million for energy efficiency and renewable energy by 2020.



The cities were ranked based on the number of measures they have taken to become ‘greener’, by reducing emissions and increasing sustainability. The top seven cities have been awarded the accolade of the European Green Capital since 2010, and the final three were finalists.

The Danish capital, Copenhagen, and Swedish capital, Stockholm, took first and second place respectively. In third place came the German city of Hamburg. All were praised for their focus on public transport.

The website, founded in 2010, primarily focuses on the sale of recycling bins for home and industrial usage but has previously analysed recycling levels across Europe. In a 2013 report, they criticised the UK for the amount it recycles, at around 39% of its rubbish.