A READER from Oxfordshire requested suggestions for a suitable Christmas holiday for himself and his six-year-old son.

Jennifer Cuming of Whitstable, Kent writes to recommend the Youth Hostels Association Christmas and New Year Break brochure. Further information: YHA, Trevelyan House, 8 St Stephen's Hill, St Albans AL1 2DY (0727 55215).

Another reader suggests that Adventure Holidays 1992 (Vacation Work, pounds 4.95) might be a useful source of ideas. It offers a guide to thousands of activity holidays in Britain and 100 countries around the world.

Clodagh Wilkinson of London suggests skiing, skating or swiming. 'Winter sports at Christmas are expensive and father may not care for the after-ski activities, but the days would be fun.'

She commends Eilat on Israel's Red Sea. 'There is wonderful clean warm water, snorkelling, an aquarium and reliable midwinter sun - and being a Judaic country he wouldn't be surrounded by unwelcome reminders of 'traditional' Christmasses.'