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FOR anyone planning a year off to see the world, Vacation Work has published the sixth edition of Work your Way around the World (pounds 9.95) by Susan Griffith. It has nearly 500 pages of information and advice for those seeking to pay their way from London to Sydney and back. (The book says that the average job-hunt time in Sydney is currently six weeks.

Vacation Work has also published new editions of Summer Jobs in Britain (pounds 7.95), Summer Jobs Abroad (pounds 7.95) and Adventure Holidays (pounds 5.95). Summer job opportunities abroad include restoring a castle in Latvia, tobacco picking in Canada, stewarding on a barge in Burgundy and flower-bulb packing in the Netherlands.

The four UK national tourist boards have combined to produce UK Activity Holidays 1993 (Letts, pounds 4.50). Choices range from bridge weekends and hang-gliding to learning about antiques or birdwatching.

Stay on a Farm 1993 (Letts, pounds 5.95) has information on more than 1,000 working farms in the UK that offer accommodation.