Hardest to get Saudi Arabia - you will need a business contact to get an authority number to the Saudi officials. This must be sent back to the embassy in Britain before a visa is issued.

Most unlikely Some British citizens, those with Overseas or Dependent Territories passports rather than full British passports, do need a visa to visit the United States. British citizens won't get hold of a tourist visa for Iran any more - only a transit visa.

Most expensive a multi-entry business visa for Zaire is pounds 200. Application fee for a business visa to emigrate to Australia can be upwards of pounds 1,000.

Most common Australia. Trailfinders agents alone have issued 8,500 Australian visas since August last year.

Most rejected Russia - you either need to have your accommodation booked and confirmed with a licensed hotel or you require authority for a business visa if you are invited out by a Russian company. They may not have the authority to get you a visa.