Man revels in having entire Delta plane to himself

But he still only sat in one seat, gotta respect that

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While most of us dream of simply having three empty seats to lie across, Brooklyn man Chris O'Leary found himself with an entire plane to spread out in when he flew home from Cleveland to New York this week.

His Delta experience started out pretty terribly, with crippling delays.

But then things started looking up, when a booking error left him with basically his own private jet.

Like a young John D. Rockerfeller, O'Leary enjoyed his own private safety check.

And yet, despite having the run of the fuselage, he still chose to sit in one seat.

Sadly, the decadence was short-lived.

"He seemed to think it was less novel," O'Leary told BuzzFeed of the other passenger. "Or he was really just looking forward to napping during the flight."

But such are the horrors of domestic flights, with cramped seating and no personal TVs, his brief experience of solo flight was enough to make his tweets go viral, and even his mum was proud.

"Because we all complain about air travel these days, I guess it's surprising to see someone get unexpectedly good service," O'Leary said. "I get upgraded on Delta occasionally, but this was by far the best upgrade I’ve ever gotten!"

As live-tweeting airport/airline experiences go, this was only second to that wonderful man who made an entire music video while stranded in Las Vegas' McCarran Airport.