Jordan insists he has no romantic intentions and is just looking for someone to travel with / Jordan Axani/Facebook

It's a good day to be a Canadian called Elizabeth Gallagher

Is your name Elizabeth Gallagher? If so you can look forward to a free three-week holiday visiting Paris, Bangkok, New Delhi and more.

27-year-old Jordan Axani broke up with his girlfriend after booking the once in a lifetime trip, but doesn't want to see it go to waste.

"In March I booked a fairly wicked trip around the world for this Christmas for my ex and I," he explained on Reddit. "While our relationship has come to a close, I am still planning on going on the trip and she is not (naturally).

"And because I hate the idea of a ticket around the world going to waste, I am looking for a Canadian named Elizabeth Gallagher who could use the ticket."

The itinerary, which includes other flights not listed, is as follows:

December 21: NYC —> Milan

December 28: Prague —> Paris

December 29: Paris —> Bangkok

January 7: Bangkok —> New Dehli

January 8: New Dehli —> Toronto

Axani claims he is not looking for a surrogate girlfriend and has no "romantic intentions", but simply wants to find a companion who is up for "travelling together and seeing some cool stuff".


"I am not looking for anything in return, I am not looking for companionship, romance, drugs, a trade, or to take selfies with you in front the Christmas Market in Prague," he wrote. "If you feel compelled to toss me a couple hundred bucks, great. Really the only thing I ask for is that you enjoy this trip and that it bring you happiness."

The successful applicant need only be legally named Elizabeth Gallagher, have a Canadian passport and a thirst for travel.

Axani looks to have already found someone on Reddit who fits the bill:

"Hi, My name is Liz ( ELizabeth) Gallagher. I'm Canadian ... But I'm old enough to be his Mom. If there's no younger person to step up I'd have to say it would be interesting. My girls ( 25 and 23 ) tell me DO IT MOM! they wish now that they had my name. LOL"

He branded this "awesome" and has asked Ms Gallagher to get in touch.