2010 holidaymakers set to seek out 'chadventures'

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More tourists will be combining adventure breaks with chairty fund-raising, according to Abta.

Next year could also see a rise in "volunturism" where travellers elect to do volunteer work overseas, the report from travel organisation Abta said.

The football World Cup is likely to lead to an increase in trips to South Africa, while new films and books are set to spark holiday destination ideas, the report said.

Among the movies likely to lead to a tourism boom in a particular area is Twilight Saga: New Moon which is set in the American state of Washington.

Another film, Sex and the City 2, could lead to more trips by Britons to New York, where 5,500 new hotel rooms will open next year, the report said.

It is also expected that families will flock to Florida where a new Harry Potter attraction opens in Orlando this spring.

The report said Egypt, Turkey and Morocco were likely to be strong destinations for Britons in 2010, while Sri Lanka, Mexico and Thailand - all of which have experienced troubles of late - were forecast to bounce back.

Areas with faltering economies - such as Ireland and Dubai - could offer good-value breaks in 2010.

The report said: "Individuals too seem to want to put something back. Together with a greater demand for experience-based holidays, holidaymakers increasingly want to make sure they are helping others through their adventures."

Frances Tuke from Abta said: "This year has been remarkably resilient for the travel industry, and prospects are looking good for 2010, with the trend to more adventurous destinations continuing.

"However, regardless of the destination, a holiday could be remembered for the wrong reasons if travellers fail to check Foreign Office (FO) advice before heading off on their adventures."

Julian Braithwaite, director of consular services at the FO, said: "Whatever the reason for your travel - excitement for something unique, a pent-up wanderlust for an unknown country or an escape from the eurozone - it is vital that British travellers research their destination thoroughly before they go.

"It is important to familiarise yourself with the local laws and customs of a country. The situation in some of these countries also changes regularly - so ensure you check the FO website before you go and take out comprehensive travel insurance."