The main runway at JFK International Airport in New York has been closed, kicking off a four-month construction project that could delay traffic and cause a rise in ticket prices.

Runway 13-31 is one of the longest runways in the world and is used for over half of the departures from New York's main airport, which handled around 440,000 flights in 2008. The $376.3 (€275) million reconstruction and widening project is part of an overall scheme to reduce delays at the airport, although the 120-day closure could cause short-term pain for passengers.

Airlines have adjusted their schedules, cutting some flights from JFK which has caused an increase in ticket prices. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) reportedly believes that delays at the airport are expected to be around 50 minutes at peak periods and 29 minutes on average, according to reports, although there are also fears that delays caused by the shutdown will ripple to other cities.

A "traffic management program" is in operation and passengers are advised to check with the FAA's Air Traffic Control System Command Center and their airline for details of departure and arrival delays.

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