Holidaymakers were warned yesterday that what they do while they are abroad could encourage cruelty to animals.

The World Society for the Protection of Animals called on British travellers to report any incidents of animal abuse they see this summer. The society has published a practical guide to the steps holidaymakers should take when faced with instances of cruelty.

"Tourists can be our eyes and ears in many situations, and the information that we receive from them is invaluable in helping us to protect animals around the world," said Andrew Dickson, the society's chief executive. "For instance, the tip-offs that we received about dancing bears in Greece and Turkey helped us to undertake a series of dramatic bear rescues and successfully end this form of animal cruelty in these countries."

Tips for the Compassionate Traveller, the society's guide, advises tourists how to avoid causing unnecessary suffering to animals when on holiday and what action to take when confronted by it. The guide suggests that tourists boycott events such as bullfights and dancing bear shows and never to pay to be photographed with an animal.

In a separate campaign, American animal rights activists are campaigning to have angling outlawed in Britain.