Wyndham-owned budget hotel brand Days Inn announced plans to open an additional 15 hotels in the UK October 15, a significant boost to the country's budget hotel sector.

The additional properties will increase the number of Days Inn hotels to 60, representing an expansion of some 35 percent on its current portfolio.

Locations will be dotted across the UK at roadside locations including Chester, Durham, Maidstone, Southampton, Stafford and Winchester among others.

Cheap and cheerful hotel chain Days Inn began life as a US motel chain in the 1970s, before an expansion that has seen it become the world's largest chain in terms of number of rooms, with some 148,460 hotel rooms in 14 countries.

It has been operating in the UK since 2000 and now says that it is "firmly committed" to growth in the British budget hotel sector, which is predicted to boom in the coming years.

In 2007, its competitor Travelodge commissioned a report that suggested the budget hotel sector would treble by 2027, growing ten times faster than the rest of the hotel industry.

By 2027, predicted Travelodge, over 26 percent of the hotel market in Britain would be budget accommodation, with a total of 225,400 rooms available.

Premier Inn, the largest budget travel brand in Britain, operates 590 hotels and is expanding into the Middle East and India.