Electric cars may be in the process of becoming an increasingly realistic means of transport but a global campaign called Smart Move encourages using existing technology to help solve today's green transport challenges.

The campaigners advocate the use of bus and coach travel as a green means of mass transit, arguing that coaches and buses emit a far lower amount of CO2 per person than a car or even a train. The group also argues that traveling by bus would reduce congestion, especially given the low occupancy rates of cars.

The campaign is supported by Busworld, a global platform for officials in the bus and coach building industry and by the International Road Transport Union (IRU).  

In a 2008 report the Union of Concerned Scientists found that the carbon footprint of a passenger on a bus or coach is the smallest possible footprint for people travelling either alone or with a companion on any form of transport, including hybrid cars. However some organizations disagree with these findings, noting that the cleanliness of the train varies depending upon the country and the power source it uses.

The United Kingdom chapter of Smart Move will be launched November 2-4 within the Euro Bus Expo 2010 in Birmingham, UK.

Green organization Global Cool foundation launched its Do it in Public campaign in August encouraging people to use public transport whenever possible.

Carbon footprints can also be calculated at http://www.carbonfootprint.com/

More information about the Smart Move campaign can be found at: http://www.busandcoach.travel/

The Global Cool foundation http://www.globalcool.org/