Filmmaker David Lynch has designed Club Silencio, a Paris nightclub based on the venue in his 2001 thriller Mulholland Drive starring Naomi Watts, which is set to open in September.

The club owner Arnaud Frisch, who started the Social Club and music label Savoir Faire, plans for a private venue from 6 pm to midnight, that opens to non-members from midnight to 6 am.

The concept is devoted to all things cultural, like a 'salon' for international creative exchanges with concerts, screenings and literary events. Located on Rue Monmartre, the space will house a bar, restaurant, performance stage, art library and cinema.

Lynch also designed the furniture with Raphael Navot, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The director's previous designs appeared in his 1996 film Lost Highway and his mid-century minimalist tables have been sold by Swiss company Casanostra.

Descriptions of Silencio's interior refer to surreal pieces and asymmetrical sofas. It is not known if the mysterious project will be drenched in blue light or feature an illusionist, as in the film Mulholland Drive.

"Films, paintings, furniture, etc. are all based on ideas," he has been quoted in the City of Absurdity, a compendium of all things David Lynch. "I don't want to appear like some all-round talent. Not at all. I just inevitably get involved with different things."

Lynch has also recently explored writing and performing music, examples of which can be heard at

His acclaimed films have included Elephantman (1980) starring Anthony Hopkins and Blue Velvet (1986) with Dennis Hopper. It has been five years since his last feature film, Inland Empire (2006) with Laura Dern and Jeremy Irons.