Anyone booked on a Ryanair flight departing from next Thursday will have to produce a passport or Government ID card before being allowed to fly.

From next month, passengers must be in possession of a valid passport or a Government-issued National Identity card, issued solely for the purpose of identification, with a driver’s licence no longer accepted as valid ID.

The new regulations come in on the same day Ryanair moves to 100 per cent web check-in which will allow passengers, including those travelling with checked baggage, to check in online to avoid queues and delays at check-in desks.

Ryanair’s web check-in service is open from 15 days to four hours before the scheduled departure time of each flight. Web check-in can be accessed via

Having printed their boarding cards at home, passengers without check-in bags can continue to proceed through airport security, while those with check-in bags can present at one of Ryanair’s drop desks before proceeding through airport security to the boarding gate.

From The Belfast Telegraph