The United Kingdom is aiming to attract an altogether different class of visitor with the launch of a new marketing campaign with Dubai-based airline Emirates.

A new marketing campaign dubbed "Britain. A tradition of Luxury" is unashamedly targeting wealthy individuals - those with over $1 million in disposable funds - to persuade them that Britain is worth visiting.

The campaign, which launched February 25, is being launched in China, India, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates, which includes Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

The focal point of the campaign is a swanky new website offering travel picks for luxury lovers visiting the UK, which include hotels such as the five-star May Fair in London and St Andrew's golf club in Scotland, shops including Harrods and Christie's auction house and a selection of other experiences such as restaurants and sporting events.

The recommended airline for winging your way to such opulent delights is of course Emirates, which provide showers on board its planes for first class passengers, along with other perks such as chauffeur airport transfers.

According to the participants of the International Luxury Travel Leaders' forum in Cannes, France last year, the luxury travel market will begin to recover in 2011 before seeing a significant increase in business next year.

The forum, which included representatives from the world's major luxury travel firms, said that luxury travel from India alone is set to grow at approximately 15 percent over the next five years and was representative of a fast-emerging sector across Asia as a whole.