After a report by an American safety watchdog found there is a "high probability" of another failure of the sort that caused a BA Boeing 777 to crash land at Heathrow last year, The IoS offers you ways to avoid getting on a 777, plus some reassurance for those who cannot avoid it.

1) Cathay Pacific They will fly you to Hong Kong on a Boeing 747-400 but you have to be extremely specific about the days you want to travel as the majority of its services to this country are on the dreaded 777.

2) British Airways said it operates 15 Boeing 777s across its routes. You can check online for what model of aircraft goes to your destination before booking. However, the airline can change them without notice.

3) air new zealand says it has different aircraft for different routes to Auckland. Usually the Hong Kong route uses the 747, the Los Angeles route the 777, but Air NZ said it reserves the right to swap aircraft without notice.

4) Ring & check. Apart from BA, other major users of 777s are Emirates, Singapore, United, Air France, and American. Only those with Rolls-Royce engines are affected.

5) Don't panic The plane has had no fatalities among passengers or crew. And, following the Heathrow crash landing, Rolls-Royce say that the component that has to be redesigned will be ready within a year.