In-flight entertainment could soon be delivered on the back of a meal tray, removing the need for a separate tray and monitor.

A new system called TrayVu, unveiled this week at the Airline Passenger Experience Expo in Seattle, WA, aims to reduce the clutter on the back of the seat in front by combining the two main features into one.

The product, described as a 'true industry breakthrough', is an in-flight entertainment system built behind the trays commonly featured on the back of airline seats.

The system offers HD resolution on an 8.9 inch screen and uses a touch screen keypad for control of the display, which displays through a panel in tray itself when it is folded up.

Skycast Solutions, the company behind the idea, says that the display will help reduce the frustration of passengers tapping their head on screens that are positioned high on seats, as well as being able to easily position the unit for the best angle.

Content available on the wi-fi enabled device includes movies, TV shows, games, shopping, multiple passenger gaming, destination offers, and more, according to a statement from Skycast.

As technology grows more and more sophisticated, airlines are increasingly looking to replace hard-wired setback headrest units with lighter wi-fi-based models which improve a plane's fuel efficiency.

At the same show, Virgin America confirmed a deal with Lufthansa Systems to launch a new 'hybrid' in-flight entertainment system which allows passengers to connect their own devices to the plane's entertainment system.

The product is set to launch next year, although some passengers are already getting a sneak peak on board one of Virgin America's planes - named, appropriately enough, the 'nerdbird'.