Calendar highlights for June in Japan include the International Tokyo Trade Show and a look at the latest developments in the world of 3D technology and entertainment.

Bonfire Noh performance
June 1-2

Kyoto's famous Heian Jingu Shrine hosts one of the most famous performances of ancient Noh theater, illuminated by burning torches. The actors wear lacquer-coated wooden masks and wear intricate period costumes for this uniquely Japanese form of entertainment.

Interior Lifestyle Tokyo
June 1-3
Big Sight, Tokyo

Interior Lifestyle Tokyo is the leading "design-oriented" trade fair for the high-end interior market in Japan and will be marking its 21st year this June. The three-day fair showcases the top trends in kitchens, dining, gift items, home accessories and home textiles. Exhibitors are drawn from around the world and range from the biggest names in the industry to small, local workshops producing niche items.

Tokyo Health Industry Show
June 7-9

The Tokyo Health Industry Show is the biggest and longest-running exhibition of health-related products in Japan and will this year feature more than 550 exhibitors spread across five zones. The specialist areas at the venue are dedicated to Functional Ingredients and OEM, Health Foods, Organic & Natural, Wellness and Health & Beauty. The exhibition includes a series of conference programs on the industry in Japan, as well as the newest topics in health-related products.

June 7-10

The theme of this year's annual exhibition by The Japan Food Machinery Manufacturers' Association is "Making a Delicious Future." The association says its aim is to provide people worldwide with safe, nutritious and tasty food and that the FOOMA Japan 2011 event will highlight member companies' progress towards achieving those aims.

Interop Media Convergence Tokyo 2011
June 8-10

The Interop Media Convergence Tokyo 2011 event comes at an opportune time in Japan as it prepares to make the full transfer from analogue broadcasting to full digital. Organizers point out that the digital media market is changing rapidly and top minds in the industry will be attending the exhibition to share their knowledge. It will also showcase the latest equipment, solutions and service related to the media and contents technology and runs concurrently with Digital Signage Japan 2011.

Sanno Matsuri
June 9-16

The Sanno Matsuri is famous as the festival that was permitted by the shogun to enter the grounds of Edo Castle and was one of the three largest festivals in the country between the early 1600s and 1867. More than 300 people wearing ancient costumes parade through the center of Tokyo carrying "mikoshi" portable shrines, "dashi" floats, drum-bearers and people on horseback. The procession lasts all day and, during the rest of the week, events at Hie-jinja Shrine include tea ceremonies, "ikebana" flower arranging and other traditions.

Chagu Chagu Umako Festival
June 11

The villagers of Takizawa dress their horses in all their finery for the annual Chagu Chagu Umako Festival, fitting them with brightly colored harnesses and bells as they parade 15 km to Morioka City. Chagu Chagu represents the noise the bells make and has been designated by the government as an important cultural asset. The event dates back more than 200 years and was to mark the end of the rice planting season. The parade starts at Onikoshi-Sozen Shrine around 9:30 a.m. and ends at Morioka Hachiman-gu Shrine.

International Tokyo Toy Show 2011
June 16-19

The International Tokyo Toy Show 2011 is the biggest event on the calendar for anyone involved in the industry, with this year's event spread over four days. All the biggest names in the children entertainment industry will be on hand to show off their latest designs and inventions as they gear up for the all-important run up to the Christmas season.

3D & Virtual Reality Expo
June 22-24

Entertainment and information in three dimensions is all the rage in the electronics industry, so expect a big turnout at the 3D & Virtual Reality Expo, being held at the Tokyo Big Sight exhibition center. The show is the largest of its kind in Japan and will demonstrate the latest developments in 3D technology and super high-definition image technology.