New all-you-can-fly tickets from US carriers

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The end of the summer is bringing some great promotions from US airlines, several of which have rolled out "all-you-can-fly" passes to help travelers enjoy the final weeks of the season.

On August 17, JetBlue Airways announced the return of its All You Can Jet pass, which allows customers access to empty seats to any JetBlue destination from $499 (€388).

The base version of the ticket excludes travel on Fridays and Sundays, while the full version ($699/€544) allows travel on every available seat on every flight during the travel period, which runs between September 7 and October 6.

It's the second year that JetBlue has run the promotion, which a spokesman said "inspired customers across our network with the idea of travel without boundaries, whether they set out for more face time with important clients, planned to visit 30 cities in 30 days or lived inside the walls of airport terminals across the country."

The passes are on sale until August 20 while supplies last, and do not include international taxes or taxes applied for travel to Puerto Rico.

Sun Country Airlines has also rolled out its own 'all-you-can-fly' promotion, which starts at $499 (€388) and is valid for flights between September 7 and October 13.

Sun's ticket does not include taxes, but includes destinations in Mexico, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, the Netherlands Antilles and the United Kingdom and will be on sale until August 24.

Although other global airlines and some alliances offer unlimited flight passes, the deals from airlines in the US are unique in their unrestrictive nature and low prices.