In Charles de Gaulle, France's major airport and one of the busiest in Europe, finding anything can be a challenge - but as of July 8, it looks like respite could be in sight for travelers.

The huge airport, notorious among passengers for being impossibly designed and hellish to navigate in parts, launched a new Android application July 8 which makes the whole experience far more enjoyable.

Impressively, it allows the user to accurately pinpoint their position even when they are indoors, and to map the fastest route to wherever they need to be.

Unlike many guide applications, the French and English app will be free to run using the airport's "WIFI-AIRPORT" network, meaning no data download shocks when visitors return home.

By clicking Leisure and Services, passengers can get an easy overview of the attractions on offer in the area, including headings such as shops, bars/restaurants, toilets, lounges, tax refund, luggage, internet area, or information desk.

For returning visitors, it's also possible to "favorite" a place to access it quickly when you arrive at the terminal next time.

The free My Way Aeroports de Paris app could go a long way towards making travel to and from one of the world's top destinations a lot more pleasant - although unfortunately, the service only initially covers terminals 2E and 2F, as well as the TGV railway station and the premium sector of the 2E and 2F car parks.

For the rest of the airport - and those who don't have an Android handset - there's always an airport map.