New app encourages greener driving habits

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The Virtual Vehicle Company has revealed an app which informs car owners of their driving habits, helping them choose the right green car, and encouraging them to change their methods of transport.

Startup company Virtual Vehicle Company (VEVCo) has unveiled a new app which could help drivers monitor their green habits and choose the right type of electric vehicle.

The new application was revealed by VEVCo at the Clean Tech conference on environmentally friendly technology in California on Thursday, July 22.

Using GPS, the app can track the driver's habits and behavior; the information can then be used to inform the driver of what kind of green car - electric, hybrid or plug-in hybrid - would be best suited to their travel habits. Additionally, viewing information on their car usage gathered from the app could encourage drivers to cut down on non-essential journeys or to use alternative means of more environmentally friendly transport such as buses, trains or bicycles.

Excessive usage of fossil fuel-powered cars is known to to be a major contributor to air pollution. Several international cities such as Paris in France, London in the UK and Melbourne, Australia have implemented bike-sharing schemes in an attempt to cut down on traffic pollution. Beijing, one of the world's most polluted cities, even introduced a scheme two years ago which allowed drivers to only use their cars on certain days depending upon their number plate.

The VEVCo app is currently in the beta testing stage, but interested consumers can contact VEVCo to obtain the app and become a tester. It is expected the app will be released in November.

Other green driving apps available include greenMeter for $5.99 (€4.99). The iPhone and iPod Touch app greenMeter allows users to input the power, fuel usage and other general information about their vehicle, the app then displays real-time results and suggestions on how to reduce fuel consumption and lower the vehicle's environmental impact. The Commute Greener app for $3.68 (€2.99) from the Volvo Group allows users to input their journeys throughout the week and calculate their total carbon footprint.