Ultimate European rail journeys

I agree about the Glacier Express journey – beautiful. In spring, you go past houses covered in snow; in summer, Alpine meadows and flowers; while autumn brings the different tree colours. If you can afford it, travel first class. A totally different experience!


The Rhine Valley route in Germany is beautiful. Probably best seen just as the sun is going down. I would also suggest doing it on a Deutsche Bahn Intercity service rather than one of the local ones – a bit more expensive but fewer stops and far better on-board experience. The ICs only tend to run down the west side of the river, though.

Tony Nuttall

I'd recommend the Semmering Line between Vienna and Graz. It is a World Heritage Site in itself due to the effort required to build it through the difficult but picturesque scenery.


Adrift in Spitsbergen

A truly incredible place. Spitsbergen and its capital town, Longyearbyen, are like visiting a colony on the Moon.

Danny Llama

BA joins the baggage weight list

Travel light. When I hit the backpacker trail for three months, I had less than 8.5kg carry-on.

Jack in Laos

Won't "baJet" be a reincarnation of Go, BA's original low-cost offshoot?

John Jenkins

Who'd have imagined 10 years ago that BA would ape easyJet?

Odzo Selormey

I still can't see how BA dropping Gatwick-Manchester flights helps with this strategy.

Steve Sparks

Romantic retreats

We stayed in a one-room house called Casa Anna on the car-free Aeolian Island of Panarea. Pure theatre: sunshine, storms, Roman remains, volcanoes, but also peace. We went from Naples, but a storm delayed the ferry back. We eventually got a boat to Sicily to fly back to Rome.

Hugh Wilson