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In search of the real France

The "real" France starts south of the 50th parallel. Everything north of there is either industrial dereliction, run-down towns (such as Boulogne or Albert), or places still struggling to recover after the World Wars. There are whole towns in Nord-Pas-de-Calais (such as Armentières, Lens or Hazebrouck) that resemble closed-down towns in Lancashire or South Yorkshire – and are about as alluring. For places within easy reach of London or Paris with a "French" atmosphere, go to Oise or north Normandy.

"Anon UK"

What an insulting piece of writing. You obviously do not like the character of France. You have an incredibly negative view of a little coastal town.

Barbara Steward

Flying from Barcelona to Minsk

The route is not for Catalonian, or other southern Europeans, to travel north. We don't expect much traffic that way, though there is always some. The purpose is to serve the Belarusans and give them what is an extremely popular product: Barcelona and the Costa Brava.

Alex Cruz, chief executive of Vueling

Circular argument

In his circular onward lurch from high-priced hotel to notorious tourist trap to high-priced hotel, Mark C O'Flaherty avoided everything that makes Ireland worth visiting. I am so relieved that he had the comfort of finding somewhere that reminded him of Dalston. Having visited attractions which even the whistle-stop coach tours cram in, he let the real Ireland pass by unnoticed.

G Puckett

Plastic in Cyprus

There are no issues with credit cards in Cyprus. The two main banks have restrictions to stop people fleeing with their money, however it shouldn't affect you at all.


Second thoughts

Anyone who trusts TripAdvisor's reviews to form an opinion deserves whatever fate befalls them.

Paddy Miguel