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Heathrow: 'Over-priced, over-rewarded and inefficient'?

This is the first time that I can ever remember myself in complete agreement with Willie Walsh [CEO of IAG, who criticised the airport]. Heathrow is a terribly managed company, one that has completely forgotten that it is running a public service.

Charles Richards

One aspect of Heathrow that deserves a mention: flights are often delayed, not necessarily in leaving the ramps, but upon joining the runway queues. These can add something in the order of 30 minutes of delay – or more. This threatens connections at other airports.

Mike Dodds

The London Assembly Transport Committee's report was absolutely ridiculous, stating that Heathrow could increase capacity by 20 million by using larger planes. Yes, you could insist that all airlines only fly A380s, but funnily enough that would cause the UK aviation market to collapse as virtually all routes would become unprofitable.


And at Stansted …

I had to pay £2 just to get dropped at Stansted. Further to walk for my wife, who has mobility problems. Absolute shambles at Ryanair bag drop-off. Lots of people don't check their bag weights, consequently lots of toing and froing. Rude security. I will be willing to pay more not to experience the above again.


Luxembourg's status

The author should look up the definition of "city-state". (Wikipedia says "Today, only five independent, sovereign city-states exist: Monaco, Singapore, Vatican City, San Marino and Malta.") To claim the country's existence happened "somehow" shows an extreme lack of historical understanding. .

Joe Kotroczo

Vegetarian Paris

For something really special, I suggest Verjus (52 rue de Richelieu, 1e; 00 33 1 42 97 54 40). Their menu is contemporary French, but they'll do a special vegetarian (or vegan) tasting menu with advance notice.

Aurelia d'Andrea

Abruzzo alternatives

Ricotta di Pecera is spelt "pecora" which means sheep. This is a soft cheese a bit like curds. It can be eaten as is, or cooked. Hence pecorino which is also sheep's milk cheese, but a harder cheese ranging from fresco (fresh) to fossa (matured in a cellar for 18 months).

Oleandri are not rich men's trees – they are ubiquitous in central Italy as they are evergreen, drought resistant and flower for a long periods. They are used extensively to line the autostrada.

Most of Abruzzo is very high, therefore cool or downright cold except in the very hottest months. If you are not so hardy, go to Le Marche: still unspoilt and full of history but more civilised.


Jewish Krakow

I am flabbergasted that the author has written an article about Jewish Krakow without mentioning the Jewish Community Centre. Ms Novakovich, in her detailed walking directions, even sends the reader walking straight past our modern, vibrant, colourful, highly visible building with nary a mention. Since its opening five years ago by the Prince of Wales, the JCC has become the beating heart of Krakow's resurgent Jewish community and a fixture for more than 4,000 tourists a month. I invite the author to return to Krakow, and instead of walking past, visit our building and learn what hope and vitality mean in Krakow.

Jonathan Ornstein, executive director, Jewish Community Centre of Krakow