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Two-tier cabin baggage at easyJet

Not before time. Overweight bags in overhead lockers are a menace. The catches are not strong enough to keep them closed during turbulence.

"Delilah 1"

This just makes official what already happens. When I recently flew from Belfast to Manchester, people with larger bags were asked to check their hand luggage in for free.

Joe Reaves

A weight limit would not solve the problem. People could bring lighter bags but they would not necessarily be smaller or fit under the seat in front, so the overhead bins would still be congested. Secondly, a weight limit would affect all passengers, whereas this change requires only a small proportion of passengers to elect to bring a smaller bag, thus alleviating the issue.

Anna Knowles, easyJet

Weigh the passengers, not the bags.


Is there a doctor on the plane?

My sister-in-law insists on flaunting her PhD and gives her title as "Dr". Clearly it is not a medical qualification but that doesn't stop her getting requests for help everywhere she goes. Trouble is, she is the worst kind of busybody and will always have a go: "Well you didn't ask me if I was a medical doctor, dear."


Heathrow no -go

I avoid Heathrow at all costs: it's inefficient and an awful experience. If I am flying to a destination not served directly from Gatwick, I simply fly to Amsterdam and onwards from there.

Robert Shaw

The Manchester-LA connection

This explains why Heathrow is so congested, and why airlines like BA and Virgin want extra runways to be built. This man wanted to fly to LA from Manchester, but the airlines like to funnel people through Heathrow. Why can you fly to three cities in California from Heathrow, but fly direct to California from only one UK airport?

Brian Roberts