Open Jaw: Time to take a hard line on ski helmets

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US attitudes to ski helmets

As one who has converted to wearing a helmet (pressure on a school trip a few years ago meant adults had to lead by example) I'm bemused as to why the insurance companies don't make it a condition of ski cover that the insured has to wear one. That would make usage spread like a rash.

Irrespective of that, presumably in any civil claim against a third party who causes injury, a significant "contributory negligence" element would be an absence of helmet, where relevant. This is comparable to the position where an injured car passenger isn't wearing a seat belt – the amount of claim is reduced.

I know there will be lots of people out there who say it's a matter of choice, but that's no more valid than the seat belt argument. No sane driver would drive without a belt these days, whether or not the law requires it.

Another question I've often pondered is why a regular cycling helmet is not recommended for use in the skiing context – is it just vested interests?

Trevor Moore

Top 10 airports for landing

Plymouth airport is also pretty spectacular, unless there's a mist. The city and Plymouth Sound on one side, the wild expanse of Dartmoor and the Tamar Valley to the other.


Attenborough at 84

David Attenborough has always been part of what makes the BBC so good, more power to his elbow!


Pyramids on horseback

Amazing to think that there were no camels or horses to ride in ancient Egypt for nearly a thousand years after the three main pyramids were built.

Bill Doyle

Another Ryanair grumble

I got caught out buying an internal flight (Bologna to Brindisi). When it came to pay there was no way (it seemed to me) I could avoid accepting Ryanair's poor exchange rate on the euro transaction. Previously one could choose to opt out of their agreed exchange rate and accept the interbank rate, which is miles better.

Billy Macmillan

Travel bosses dewy-eyed about royal wedding

Sickening article. Two people, albeit royal, are getting married and all some parasites can think about is making money out of it, including – it has to be said – Simon Calder. Sort of sums up our vile, money-oriented culture quite well, really.