Where readers write back

Scarce schedules

I'm the chairman (and a driver too) of The Wanderbus whose W13 route was the subject of your piece "in search of Britain's most exclusive bus". The Wanderbus is a not-for-profit community bus run by volunteers. Regarding the "Fifth Tuesday" thing, you may like to know that it is quite normal and important for community buses to fill up spare days in their schedules in this way and our passengers are delighted we do.

Duncan Thomas

I read with interest your pieces on Britain's most exclusive bus, and most useless rail links. One wonders how much money the train operating companies are wasting on running services that no one uses. Would their resources be better utilised promoting these lines instead?

Graham Jarvis

Southern has another ghost train, the 15.56 Streatham Hill to London Bridge via Tulse Hill, but nobody gets very excited about it, because that route has been like it for at least 40 years.

Colin Penfold

Britain lost the branch lines because people did not use them. At the time of the Beeching Report, cars were becoming cheaper, so Joe Public could afford them. If we don't use public transport, then we will lose it.

Brent Buckley

It was very nice to be mentioned in your article as the community ferry service that operates from Laga Bay on Ardnamurchan to Tobermory on Mull and Drimnin on Morvern – but it does return later in the day! Our aim is to try and provide year-round employment allowing young people to live and work in this remote and fragile area.

Andy and Allison Jackson

The Caledonian MacBrayne schedule shows the ferry as one-way only, but we are pleased to make clear that it returns.

Twice bittern

I am disappointed that Michael Williams's piece on the Bittern Line made no mention of the North Norfolk Railway, known as the Poppy Line – one of Britain's most scenic heritage railways. It now has an end-on connection with the Bittern Line over the reinstated Sheringham level crossing, and runs to Holt – where the William Marriott Museum is well worth a visit.

Colin Borg, marketing director, North Norfolk Railway

Airport security

I recently flew by Royal Jordanian Airlines from Heathrow to Amman. What is the logic in ensuring I was not carrying so much as a pair of blunt scissors when I boarded and then serving a meal with steel knives and forks?

Mr F Kay

It would help if the airport instructions were clearer. On a trip through Stansted I had packed my liquids in a transparent, zip-up bag but was sent back to buy one of the airport's own. This never worked and I was never able to actually get the thing to reseal!

Paul Gilman

What I want to know is this. Is my mother's cheese sandwich and a Cox's apple in a clear Tupperware container still classed as a terrorist threat? It was last time we flew.