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Cars cost more to park at airports than planes

I do not disagree with the thrust of the argument that airport parking is too expensive. However, the research that The Independent carried out failed to communicate that visiting light aircraft also pay landing and handling charges that may be much higher than any parking charge. The lack of true comparison could make your valid argument appear specious.

Joe Chetcuti

On top of the parking fee for light aircraft there is also a landing fee and a mandatory handling fee, which can add up to more than £100 (more at the larger airports), so the argument doesn't really stand up!

Jeremy Atkins

If you park in the short-stay car park for 24 hours, you clearly didn't read the signs. In all these cases I'm confident that 24 hours on the long stay car park would prove significantly cheaper.

Lorraine Cooper

I know you were looking at short-stay at Terminal 5, but anyone parking for 24 hours would almost certainly use long stay – which is £17.90, with no pre-booking.

Richard Scott, Head of News, Heathrow

It's ridiculous that it costs more to park a car at an airport than a light aircraft. Our own research found in some cases airport parking can cost more than the flight itself. Consumers should avoid these exorbitant charges by booking far in advance.

Rochelle Turner, Which? travel expert


The taxis in some of the Greek islands are great; the government subsidises Mercedes for taxi use so the vehicles are lovely. However, the drivers are insane – my first experience had the driver speeding along a cliffside road, can of drink in one hand, mobile phone in the other – not exactly a relaxing start to a holiday.

"Rawhead Wrecker"

Rome should have been on the list. You have the Yellow Taxis who think they're F-1 drivers, and the White Taxis who are F-1 drivers.

"Essex Blur"

Taxis at Budapest airport operate on fixed fees, which are set far too low in my opinion. Consequently they drive like maniacs to get more trips in.

"Roman citizen"

The Slovenian Tourist Board is surprised and concerned that Ljubljana has been rated as a city with one of the worst taxi services in Europe by the AA. Without seeing the research, it's difficult to know whether this is down to a few unfortunate anecdotal cases rather than the rule. The best way to explore Slovenia's capital is arguably not in a taxi but on foot, bicycle or tourist barge on the Ljubljanica river.

Tine Mune, Slovenian Tourist Board