Adriatic appeal: Podgorica, Montenegro / AFP


Big in 2013: Montenegro

An excellent article which really highlights some of the truly marvellous sights of Montenegro. As a regular visitor and amateur explorer for the past seven years, I can vouch for the superb network of hiking trails.

Many of these are old Austro-Hungarian military tracks, created when the former empire needed to defend its Adriatic fleet, based in the Bay of Kotor, hand-crafted in monumental limestone, weaving through magnificent forest and towering mountains.

Despite the almost impenetrable and jagged landscape, the engineers made paths that are easy to walk today, weaving and zigzagging through this overpowering terrain. “Medved2010”

I hardly got a “red carpet” greeting  at Podgorica airport  [the capital of Montenegro]. No public transport was on offer and there was a flat fee of €15 for a taxi to the centre (the return taxi cost less than €5). When will Eastern European governments/airports realise that cheating tourists like this is a great way to get them to stop recommending others go? “God of biscuits”

One very good new public development is the lately opened railway service between Podgorica and Niksic – a good starting point for further explorations.

Kirsi Hyvaerinen

A Hedonist’s guide to ... Shanghai

How about starting in the Waterhouse Hotel – Table No 1 by Jason Atherton is going to serve up significantly better options than anything you find at New Heights for about the same price.If you do want the Bund, try Mercato, the new Jean-Georges Vongerichten outpost.

Shanghai, while not exactly brimming with Michelin-starred restaurants, has some great experimental food.

Try Ultraviolet to be truly hedonistic (£200 per head, and sensorially co-ordinated). For drinks, head to one of the city’s many cocktail bars: Constellation, el Coctel or the Long Bar at the Waldorf Astoria are all good places to start, , but there are plenty of others too.

“Shanghai Diver”

Amazing Graceland

A very insightful article. Elvis was as talkative and accessible to his fans as anyone in recent history. As early as the spring of 1956, when Presley bought his first Memphis home in Audobon Drive, it became evident that  he enjoyed the company of those who followed his career and was caring enough to spend time with them. We may never again have a celebrity of his stature with such a personal yet clear vision and understanding of what makes a star, well, a star.

Guillermo F, Perez-Argüello