Travel in 2013

I'm always interested in where others are going – but you've missed out the whole of Brazil here. This is the country to go to in 2013: 5,000 miles of undiscovered sandy beaches with as much or as little action as you want, plus history, culture, samba, football and beautiful hidden pousadas to stay at wherever you go.

Alison McGowan

Restocking Africa's wildlife reserves

Regarding Ngamba Island Chimpanzee Sanctuary in Uganda. We visited this island while on a tour of Africa last year. Unless circumstances have changed in this time, visitors definitely are not encouraged anywhere near the wildlife. We were guided around, fences separating guests from residents. We were advised that if any of the chimps ran towards us or approached us we were to go into the water, as it was unlikely that we would be followed there. The chimps are encouraged to remain in as wild a state as possible, even though, as your article rightly says, it is unlikely they will ever be set free.

Gill Fletcher

Russian visas

You've got the fee incorrect. The visa fee for UK tourists (single entry) is £50, then there is the £27.60 fee on top, which goes to the service company, VFS, and finally £7.40 to post your passport back to you. Total: £85 – the same cost as a return flight from Manchester to Moscow on easyJet.

Nick Massey

Pondicherry – the France in India

India will remain in flux for generations to come. But within the chaos is India's innate beauty; the cacophony, the frustration, the wonder. It's exciting.

"Freedom forthe grapes"

Sampling food in South-east Asia

With some exceptions – such as Singapore – the rule of thumb for Asia is that the restaurant food in former French colonies is far better than that in former British colonies. So obvious when you come to think it through.

"Jason Japan White"

Roman holiday

The Maxxi looks magnificent – must check it out next time. I tend to forget Rome has more than ruins!

John Creavy

Australian fires – should you cancel?

The person with this query should consider where they are flying into and its proximity to the bushfire-affected areas. This is a huge place in relation to the size of the UK. I moved here five years ago. We live in Adelaide and a few years ago drove to Brisbane and back, which is roughly the same as a journey from my former home town of Newcastle upon Tyne to Rome and back.

Dave Bevan