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Virgin's domestic flights, 'Little Red'

I didn't know that Little Red existed! I'm surprised at Richard Branson allowing his PR and advertising people to make such a basic cock-up as coming up with a new airline and then not telling anyone about it

Jamie Taylor

Branson may have had some flops, but look how many successes he has had. There will hopefully be some lessons learnt from these lost ventures.


Cheaper than the train? Environmentally? I don't think so.

"Eco Coop"

Wrong routes – perhaps he should be looking at neglected routes into London. There used to be four packed-out planes a day between Stansted and Blackpool but it was dropped. Flights to Heathrow from Blackpool would also be great .


Your article worked! I flew Manchester-Heathrow today. It was about 80 per cent full. Peak-time plane travel at off peak Virgin Trains prices!

Roly Baskeyfield

To fly between Manchester and Heathrow makes no sense. Piccadilly railway station in Manchester is located within walking distance of the city centre and served well by local connections. One can be at London Euston two hours later.


Shock and Thor in Norway

What a negative, sneering article, right up to the ending statement: "abandon all hope who enter here". Norway is a beautiful country, where all live well. The costs are high because the value of their currency is high.


If you want to go on holiday in Norway, be prepared to spend. Even a Big Mac meal costs over £10.


Staying away from restaurants is half the battle. Readers who fancy a holiday in Norway should not be put off by stories of its high prices.

Gordon Barlow