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Air Passenger Duty cut

Robbing Peter to pay Paul, that's what this cut in APD for long-haul fliers from 2015 amounts to. George Osborne will have to make further cuts in the welfare budget and the poorest will suffer. If Labour wins the 2015 General Election, I hope they restore APD to four bands, or possibly add a fifth, to raise another £1 billion to pay for a reduction in tuition fees.


Train gain

I love trains and would like to do this trip from Barcelona to London. Regarding restaurants, my favourites in Barcelona are Cornelia & Co, Alba Granados and Mariscco Reial.

"Siles Networker"

Dramatic Ronda

This article sums up why visitors fall in love with Ronda – and are pleasantly surprised by the cuisine. Tuna is always worth trying, often caught from Cadiz. The cherries and goat's cheese for the gazpacho the writer ate are local too.


Budget Peru

The cost of the tours you recommend is astronomical given how cheap Peru is. Save thousands and explore by yourself, rather than lining the pockets of expensive travel firms which give little back. Learn Spanish and have a proper adventure, not some manicured "luxurious lodge" in a country where many live on a dollar a day.


Should Heathrow expand?

It would be better to close it and start building a "proper" airport along the lines of Amsterdam's Schiphol, though the British art of muddling through will ensure the mess is merely made worse.