Open Jaw: 'You laid bare thecore of the BA crisis'

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Singapore bling

Singapore is warm and welcoming to all, and – regardless of a few perceived lack of civil liberties – remains an exciting place, and I am delighted to see the evolution here.

Singapore is a safe, fun, and happy place to live. I have been here for six months having moved from a rain-soaked, hoodie-terrorised London.

What's the point in civil liberties if you are too frightened to leave your home to enjoy them?

JPJ Nicholson

Notwithstanding the general positive recommendation of Singapore as a place to visit, the sense of colonial superiority pervading this article is distasteful. To truly appreciate a place and all it has to offer, at the very least you could do without such condescension.

Singapore came into her own long ago. People intending to visit should expect much more than the perspective this article provides, and will not be disappointed.


Top 10 family treats ... no mention of a visit to Kranji War Memorial. Refreshing, however, that the Singapore Sling and a visit to the Raffles Hotel was omitted.

Paul Crosthwaite

'The yoghurt that ate my meal allowance'

In one article you succinctly lifted the lid and laid bare the rotten core of the British Airways versus Unite crisis: inept management by men with small minds inflated by their own pathetic power, on both sides, seem prepared to bring down an otherwise viable business. Lord help us all having to live in an age where greed and self-interest has almost obliterated common sense.

Maggs Beckford

After reading your article in The Independent, I took a look at the Unite website page dealing with the BA dispute. There I found this interesting statement: "What is a Cabin Services Director? During the flight, the CSD must speak to every passenger and check on their comfort during the flight. With around 300 passengers on a flight, this is a considerable undertaking in itself." Must have missed that on my last few flights on BA!

Paul Rex

I take a sandwich to work. Can't they?


Ceredigion coast path

Thank you for the piece about our favourite stretch of coastline. Just to let you know you can access Dovey Junction [the railway station that is inaccessible by road] on foot. Park by the cottage at Derwenlas on the Aberystwyth-to-Machynlleth road. Look for the signpost directing you to "Dovey Junction BR" and walk along the track out to the platform. The station has recently been revamped and is quite swanky for a platform in the middle of nowhere! It is also a brilliant place to watch the ospreys that come to the estuary in the summer.

Margaret Charlett