'Flying Bulls' from Czech Republic were in middle of their stunt

Red Bull doesn't always guarantee you wings.

Dramatic video from India shows the moment two Red Bull aircraft collided in mid-air during a stunt at an air show, with both pilots surviving the crash and landing their respective planes safely.

The incident happened in the skies above the Yelahanka Airforce station in Bangalore at Aero India, the Asian continent's premier air show.

Three Red Bull aircraft - the "Flying Bulls" from Czech Republic - were cruising in formation when the pilots attempted an inverted loop. However, two of the planes clashed, damaging the wingtips of both aircraft.

Sitanshu Kar, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Defence, tweeted that the wing of one of the planes broke during the collision.

Fortunately, despite the damage, the pair of pilots managed to land safely and were unharmed after the near-fatal mid-air clash of wings.

The Ministry of Defence released a statement soon after the collision - which took place around 3pm local time - saying that the aircraft suffered "minor damage" and that a "precautionary Foreign Object Removal (FOR) parade was carried out on the runway following the incident. The airs how has resumed after the precautionary check."

Some 450,000 people have attended Aero India so far this week.