Following in the footsteps of rival alliance Oneworld, Skyteam has launched a new round-the-world planner for passengers.

The tool, available now on the Skyteam website, allows passengers to book round-the-world itineraries that take advantage of Skyteam's member airlines' routes, theoretically making a trip faster and more convenient for the traveler.

Like fellow alliances Oneworld and Star Alliance, Skyteam is a loose partnership of major airlines which boast coordinated routes and timetables - although Skyteam is the smallest with 14 members, it still counts Delta, KLM, Air France, China Eastern and Southern and Korean Air among its ranks.

The tool allows travelers to plot point-to-point routes, racking up their mileage and making stops along the way at a total of around 900 destinations in 169 countries.

Passengers can choose a number of packages for their journey based on the miles they plan to travel, with journeys ranging from ten days to one year - the tool can plan within these constraints given a list of cities, or there is a hands-off approach that lets users customize every part of the journey.