Something To Declare: Tahiti-on-the-Seine; no children upstairs on this Boeing 747; luxury British hotels on the cheap

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Destination of the week: Tahiti-on-the-Seine

Destination of the week: Tahiti-on-the-Seine

Today, Paris marks the centenary of Paul Gauguin's death with the opening of a major exhibition of his Polynesian works. These paintings of semi-clad indigenous women in lush natural surroundings scandalised turn-of-the-century France.

Unrecognised by the critics, and seduced by visions of an unspoiled paradise, Gauguin sold 30 of his canvases in 1891 to pay for an initial trip to Tahiti. He stayed for two years, capturing the island's beauty in strong colours and flat forms. He returned to Tahiti in 1895, and died eight years later on the (relatively) nearby Marquesas Islands.

About 50 paintings from these two visits are on display in the Grand Palais. They include the breathtaking Where Do We Come From? What Are We? Where Are We Going?, on loan from Boston's Museum of Fine Art (which hosts the exhibition in 2004). Another highlight is Woman With The Mango, a portrait of Tehura, one of Gauguin's Tahitian mistresses.

The exhibition runs until 19 January at the Galeries National du Grand Palais (nearest Métro: Champs-Elysées-Clemenceau or Franklin-Roosevelt). It opens 10am-8pm daily except Tuesday, with late opening on Wednesdays until 10pm. Reservations are required for visits between 10am and 1pm; call 00 33 1 44 13 17 17 or visit The price of admission is also higher before lunch: €10.10 (£7) before 1pm, €9 (£6.30) after 1pm.

Warning of the week: no children allowed upstairs on this Boeing 747

As a party conference venue, Bournemouth has long battled with Blackpool. The Dorset resort has never sought to become Britain's answer to Las Vegas - but, next November, it will finally be linked to the Nevada city with a direct flight. Bath Travel (0870 738 7373, is flying from Bournemouth airport to Las Vegas (with a stop at Shannon on the outbound leg because the 747 can't make the 5,000-mile westbound journey without pausing for fuel).

For £749 you get the flights plus three nights at Caesar's Palace. And, for a premium of 20 per cent, you can travel in the Jumbo's upper deck "bubble". The company is selling space on the upper deck for an extra £149, but under-10s are barred.

Bargain of the week: luxury British hotels on the cheap

October is a very good time to start looking for bargains among some of the UK's most desirable hotels. At this time of year, many of them are cutting rates - often through the website This is a site that hotels pay a flat fee to appear on. Unlike some other accommodation websites, there is no additional commission for the guest to pay - you call the hotel direct.

At the five-star hotel at Portmeirion, the village on the coast of Snowdonia where The Prisoner was filmed, rooms are selling for £90 for the next few nights, instead of the usual £150.