10 best cities to buy a luxury holiday for £100

The Hotel Price Index 2013 shows the global cities where travellers can get more for less 

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It is possible to enjoy five-star luxury without breaking the bank – you just need to know where to go.

For just £100 a night holiday-makers in Pisa and Warsaw can stay in the most sumptuous of dwellings, according to research by Hotels.com

And if you’re prepared to opt for an ever-so-slightly less impressive four stars instead of five, £100 can get you a comfortable hotel in cities including Berlin, Lisbon, Madrid and Marrakech.

Further afield, four-star luxury at a paltrier price can be found in Mumbai, Shanghai and Buenos Aires.

The Hotel Price Index examined the star rating that a sum of £100 or less could have bought during 2013 in 62 major cities around the world, in order to help consumers make a more informed choice of where to stay.


The Italian medieval city of Pisa and the Polish capital Warsaw were the only destinations where five-star luxury could be bought at a fraction of the price, while 23 cities offered four-star accommodation for £100 or less.

Pisa, situated in Tuscany, is known worldwide for its leaning tower, but its impressive architecture also encompasses churches, several palaces and various bridges across the River Arno.

Education forms the focal point of the city, with students from across Italy competing for places at its elite university and research schools.

Known as the "phoenix city", Warsaw has risen from the ashes of various wars, including the Second World War during which 85 per cent of its buildings were destroyed.

Now the birthplace of Chopin is a thriving metropolis and the largest city in Poland.

Matt Walls from the Hotels.com brand told the Mail Online: 'It's understandable that UK travellers are looking for the best value when it comes to going on holiday.

'Our Hotel Price Index report shows that a luxury stay is still affordable in many destinations. Good research is the key to getting the most out of your money on vacation.'

Five-star luxury for £100 or less

  1. Pisa
  2. Warsaw

Four-star luxury for £100 or less

  1. Bali
  2. Bangkok
  3. Beijing
  4. Berlin
  5. Brussels
  6. Budapest
  7. Buenos Aires
  8. Cairo
  9. Cape Town
  10. Delhi
  11. Dubai
  12. Dublin
  13. Guangzhou
  14. Istanbul
  15. Jakarta
  16. Las Vegas
  17. Lisbon
  18. Madrid
  19. Marrakech
  20. Prague
  21. Shanghai
  22. Tallinn
  23. Vienna