The best place to visit today is the Moermi Game Reserve, Botswana, to see wild dogs make their first forays outside of their dens

With only a few weeks off each year, maximising your free time is more important than ever. Luckily for travellers, a new book is trying to make time wasted looking for the Northern Lights in June or Glastonbury in November a thing of the past.

Lonely Planet, the travel guide publisher, has put together a list of 365 ‘inspiring’ travel ideas, each accompanied by the perfect day on which to do them.  Rather than stumbling upon cultural events when you arrive, The Best Place to be Today enables any prospective traveller to focus trips around precise dates and natural highlights. 

The book showcases famous attractions such as Hogmanay (31 December) and the Northern Lights (18 March), which feature alongside lesser known events like La Arribada, when 200,000 turtles arrive on a beach in Costa Rica (6 October).

There's also Tomatina in Valencia on the 26 August or skydiving over Mount Everest on the 28 September. And for New Year's Eve? Scotland is the place to be.


Sarah Baxter, who compiled and edited the book, believes it gives holidaymakers more freedom, “Organising the planet this way helps you pick a destination for that June honeymoon or your October annual leave.  You can even use it to inspire your whereabouts on your next birthday.”

So where is the best place to be today, on Wednesday 17 September? They suggests the Moermi Game Reserve, Botswana, where wild dogs born in Winter take advantage of the dry season to make their first forays outside of their dens.  Tomorrow, though, they recommend the Autumn colours at Daisetsuzan National Park in Japan, so you’ll have to hurry.

For the full 365, visit here