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You and your daughter should focus on the dangers of transport within Nepal

Q. I need advice about flying to Kathmandu. My daughter has a nursing placement in Nepal in November. Is there anywhere that she should avoid flying over? When is the best time to buy the flight for the best price?  Laura Harvey

A. If I may say so, of all the problems to consider on an adventure like this, the dangers of the flights to and from Nepal are negligible. Two airlines to consider are Qatar Airways and Turkish Airlines, offering good fares and service from a range of UK airports.

Since the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines MH17 last July over eastern Ukraine, all airlines give a wide berth to conflict zones with a perceived risk.

For travel in November, the lowest of seasons, there is no reason to buy far in advance. Start looking in early September, when many airlines have seat sales. The only reason you might want to book sooner is if the return is planned for the second half of December, when fares rise and availability falls.

You and your daughter should focus on the dangers of transport within Nepal. The basic rule is: the shorter the distance she plans to travel, the lower the risk. The Foreign Office says: "Buses are often overcrowded, poorly regulated, poorly maintained, and driving standards are poor. Road conditions are bad, especially during the monsoon or in mountain areas. Avoid travel on overnight buses. Tourist buses offer a higher standard of comfort and safety."

She should also be wary of domestic flights, as a series of accidents suggest safety is a long way short of Europe.