Lisa Jewell, author

My husband and I used to spend most of our income on fancy hotels. Then we had our daughters and discovered the delights of the all-inclusive family-friendly resort. They have everything you need: a puréed food buffet; a milk-warming room in every apartment block, usually full of bleary-eyed parents.

Club Med has a service called Baby Club where you hand over your baby at the gate – slightly traumatic the first time but brilliant when you realise they are fine and happy there while Mum and Dad sit on a sunlounger for a few hours, having drinks and reading a book. Then in the evening there's Baby Disco where all the kids learn a dance routine and the staff dress up in ridiculous costumes. I do love these holidays. That said, I wouldn't want to go to Butlins!

Lisa Jewell is on the judging panel of the 2008 Costa First Novel Award, which is announced on Tuesday.