John Sinclair, Lord Thurso, was general manager of Cliveden and is now managing director of Fitness and Leisure Holdings, owner of Champneys.
I'm a disciplined, Spartan traveller, with a fetish for carry- on luggage only. When I ran a Florida property, it was out Monday, back Wednesday, and I managed with a suit to travel in, shirts, a tie for each suit, swimming trunks, casual trousers, and sports shirt, and I bought lightweight American trousers.

I travel in lace-up shoes and take, or buy, loafers. Since working on a ranch in the United States I love cowboy boots. I get odd looks travelling home in a new pair in crocodile skin with silver caps under my city suit.

I go to Scotland once or twice a month to look after the family business, so I keep kilts for all occasions there and just take three shirts and an electric toothbrush in my briefcase.

I go back and forth to Brussels, where a Champneys branch is opening next year, and look at potential sites in places like South Africa and Tunisia. A good hat is a travel necessity, so for hot spots I take a roll- up Panama and always carry a pair of sunglasses. I hope for the best weather- wise, and usually get away with it. For long haul flights I carry loose track suit bottoms plus a sweatshirt top into which I change on the plane, so I and my business suit arrive in better shape.

I love gadgets but don't take many - my electric toothbrush is my favourite. A small pocket torch is useful. I have a snakey torch which usefully bends round bedheads for reading in hotels, but my children are always borrowing it. My wife has just given me a useful mini shoe cleaning kit and I take nail scissors, as my moustache grows quickly and often needs clipping. An alarm clock is a must - I can sleep anywhere and go on sleeping, so it's vital.

I used to take a laptop computer but it only caused more work for my secretary, so now I just take a small Dictaphone for meeting notes, a mobile phone and fountain pens. I have a collection - all of which leak. Most of them are from British Airways, who send them after something has gone wrong.

I hate working on planes. I prefer to enjoy the food and read the papers. I must have a good book; currently it is Roy Jenkins's biography of Gladstone. My travel comforters are a pack of Polo mints and airport purchases of Havana cigars.

I visit other spa resorts taking towelling slippers, shorts, polo shirts - Champneys logoed of course - and trainers. I assume robes will be provided and buy the rest there, as I love shopping.