As well as hi-tech hotel rooms and underwater hotels

Travel site Skyscanner has predicted that holidays will be far more exotic in the future. By 2024, they say we could be jetting off outside of the Earth’s atmosphere.

The Future of Travel 2024 report shows new destinations we could potentially travel to, and how holidays will look ten years from now. Experts might dispute how realistic the predictions are when it comes to non-astronauts frequenting space by that time, but also say it's feasible that in the future we could all be following in the steps of Yuri Gagarin, who first ventured into space in 1961.

Commenting on the report, Skyscanner’s Filip Filipov said, “Taking travel to space will be a ground-breaking milestone for mankind in general but what is even more exciting is the transfer of technologies that space exploration can bring to commercial aviation. A regular traveller might see a London to Sydney flight in 2.5 hours, which will make travel even easier and faster than ever before, breaking time boundaries.”

If your idea of hi-tech is a kettle and a hairdryer in one hotel room, Skyscanner's ideas might seem like a long stretch. They predict rooms could have shower water infused with Vitamin D, pillows that massage and wake you up, and hologram personal trainers, so there’s little need for staff contact.

They also look at underwater hotel stays, which are closer to reality as the Poseidon Underwater Resort in Fiji is being built (which will cost £9,000 a week) and the The Water Discus hotel in Dubai is planned to open in 2015.

If you're still desperate for a taste of another atmosphere, there are resorts being built that will contain zero-gravity spas and space gliders where guests can even experience weightlessness.