A minor fares skirmish has broken out on the Iberian peninsula, led by Iberia (0171-830 0011). To celebrate its 50th anniversary of flights to Britain, the Spanish airline has been offering some silly prices to attract weekenders to Madrid - presently pounds 94 return.

Now TAP Air Portugal has responded. Through its tour operation arm, Caravela Tours (0171-930 9223), it is offering flights from Heathrow to either Lisbon or Porto and two nights in a three-star hotel for only pounds 152 (including airport taxes of pounds 13). The deal applies until the end of June.

You do not even have to spend a Saturday night in Portugal, which is the usual condition for these deals - so no doubt thrifty business travellers will be taking advantage of the airline's generosity.

Visitor's book

Eltham Palace, south-east London

"What an amazing and wonderful place. But we would have liked some postcards, bookmarks and thimbles with pictures of Eltham Palace." - Rosamund and Allan Cummings, Canvey Island.

"Can I come and live here please?" - Sophie Dembocacz, Charlton.

"Fascinating and well-guided. I do hope the

restoration of the interiors and the grounds will not be spoilt by skimping through lack of cash." - Keith Darwood, Coventry.

"Boy I love this country, even though I was dragged around like a dog on a lead" - Brockman Paul Loy, Zanesville, Ohio.

"Ooh aah Eltham-aah" - Derek Evans,


Trouble spots

From our woman in the Foreign Office on some destinations where bomb threats exist:

Bahrain: "There have been a number of security incidents in Bahrain in recent months, including incendiary devices placed in shops overnight and two arson attacks on restaurants, one resulting in loss of life. Three minor bomb attacks have occurred at hotels."

Corsica: "Nationalist militants continue to carry out bomb attacks from time to time. These attacks do not appear to be directed against the general public. Although there have so far been no casualties, take reasonable care in the vicinity of public buildings, particularly late at night."

Spain: "A number of small bombs were detonated during summer 1995 at various coastal resorts on the mainland. Prior warning was given in each case and there were no injuries. ETA (a Basque separatist movement) has claimed responsibility and aims to disrupt the tourist industry."

Sri Lanka: "On 31 January a powerful bomb exploded at the Central Bank building in Colombo, killing at least 80 people and injuring over 1,200. More incidents are expected and curfews may be imposed from time to time. Visitors should exercise extreme caution in public places, particularly in Colombo, and minimise time in the city."