Top 10 cheapest cities to visit, according to TripAdvisor

The TripIndex Cities survey has revealed the most affordable places to visit

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Hanoi, in Vietnam, is the most affordable city to visit this summer, a survey by TripAdvisor has found.

A night out in Vietnam's capital will cost two people a reasonable £91.70 on average, the travel website said. The value for money only comes however, if you can afford the flight to get there, which can cost upwards of £700.

In comparison, London was the most expensive and knocked Oslo off the top spot with an average spend of £311.80 for two people all-in for one night.

Trip Advisor’s annual TripIndex Cities survey compares the cost of an evening out, including an overnight stay, at 48 tourist cities.

To determine which locations could be considered the most affordable, it calculated the typical costs for two people to enjoy a cocktail at a five star hotel, a meal out, two taxis to and from the airport, and an overnight stay for two in a four star hotel between June and August.

Cancun, in Mexico, was found to be the best value for drinks, with a pre-dinner vodka martini for two averaging out at £2.02. But head to Paris and you can expect to pay 15 times that amount, the survey found.



In terms of food, the Trip Index results showed dinner in Hanoi would cost £20.49 on average for two people to eat. In Stockholm, the price hike means diners can expect to spend up to five times that, at an average cost of £102.57.

TripAdvisor spokesperson James Kay said: "This year’s results show that Asian destinations are still the most affordable, while European destinations continue to top the most expensive list.

“However, Eastern European countries such as Bulgaria and Czech Republic seem to be bucking this trend so may serve as the best places for UK travellers looking for a city break that is closer to home.”

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